Salmi Christian Counseling

Philosophy of Christian Counseling

Christian Counseling combines theology and psychology to help the individual through mental, emotional and spiritual issues.

Kathryn Salmi Christian Counseling

Reliance on a relationship with Jesus, prayer, the Holy Spirit and scripture are part of the counseling process.

Christian Counseling also utilizes 12-step spiritual programs, like Alcoholics Anonymous, to support individuals in their growth process.

Christian Counseling looks at the whole individual including body, mind and spirit. The holistic approach of Christian Counseling involves medical doctors, psychiatrists, community agencies and clergy in supporting the clients' needs.

Mission Statement

Christian Counseling's mission is that a person leaves with a closer relationship with Jesus than when they first walked in.

The majority of our counseling clients live in the Hancock and Houghton Michigan area, including a radius of about 50 miles.